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TEFL Organisation Partners

We have partnered with TEFL Express to provide you with a discounted price!
Visit: TEFL Express  

They have branches in UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa.

Official Price: 1980 RMB + 200 RMB Express Fee.
Our Price: 2,000 RMB in total (Saves 198 RMB )the certificate is authorised by official accreditation.

Shanghai Meiji cooperates with London Teacher Training College, a reputable institution to train teachers to become the perfect teachers that schools require.

We are currently partnered with London Teacher Training College to provide our teachers with Montessori training.

Please hover over the logo below to see our affiliation certificate!



TESOL Training International is a North American education services provider with headquarters in San Diego, California. We have training centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Salt Lake City. We also have affiliate schools across the USA and in Canada , and China