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Programme Rules

As a member of Shanghai Meiji internship and teaching TEC program, you are a model representative for both your institution as well as Shanghai Meiji. We provide you with the best custumer service and in return, ask that you can respect and abide by our programme rules and regulations.

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind whilst on the programme:

1. Respect

You should respect your fellow trainees and the agency employees, who will help and assist you with your life in China.

2. Punctuality

Arriving late to group activities makes everyone wait and therefore the day starts later. It is common courtesy to always be on time. Arriving early to group activities is appreciated.

3. Safety

Scams are seen in Shanghai, but you can avoid them by following the advice of our company and taking care of your personal belongings.

4. Environment

Keep your accommodation clean, take care of yourself and your room. Keep your room tidy so you don’t catch illnesses and to prevent any damage to the room.

5. Mindset

When you first arrive in Shanghai, you may have a ‘Holiday’ mindset. Remember you are here to gain practical experience. Be careful not to drink too much, especially if you have to go to work early in the morning.